Advising Resources

At this web site you'll find quick links to resources mentioned during your advising appointment.

It's your job to learn what is expected of you to complete your curriculum (series of courses) required for your major and degree.  Your advisor is a guide and resource, but it's up to you to travel this journey under your own power.
  • Your major requirements will develop your knowledge in your area of study.
  • At PSU, as an Undergraduate (UG) student, you will earn either a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).  Be sure to know what you're earning while at PSU.
  • Often your major courses must be taken in specific sequence.  If a course has a prerequisite listed in its description that means there are other courses that must be taken before that course.
  • You should research minors (see links to the right) to determine if there are additional areas of study you want to pursue. Most degrees have General Elective Credits (credits that you get to choose how to use), and you may choose to complete a minor with those credits. You can also choose a selection of courses that are of interest or improve your abilities.
  • You must understand the General Education (Gen Ed) program that is part of every degree and choose appropriate courses that meet the Gen Ed requirements. Gen Ed classes broaden your knowledge, help you think critically, and build important skills.  They are not 'easy'. They goal is not to 'get them over with'; you should choose your Gen Ed program wisely so that you are better, smarter, and stronger.
  • You must maintain a strong Grade Point Average (GPA) in order to graduate. Requirements are different from major to major, so be sure to know what your major requires.  It is much harder to recover from a bad GPA, than to start out strong and stay strong.  So stay strong! Bring your 'A' effort to every class and you will be just fine.   Every semester offers a fresh start to do better than the last.